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Park Flyers 


Kits on the Shelf

Look for more of our park flyers to arrive shortly.  We have a few in stock but like to test fly and review.  Check out our product review page for helpful information on the building and flying of this kit. 

Soarstar Park Flyer

Slalom through the trees, buzz the duck pond or do touch 'n' goes on the picnic table. With the new Soarstar from SFM, flying outdoors in light winds is a piece of cake. A true park flyer, you'll be impressed with how it handles breezy conditions. But even more impressive is the fact that the Soarstar is a complete package- with motor, gear drive, prop, speed control, 9.6 volt 600mAh Sanyo Battery, and fast charger included! All you need are two micro servos and a micro receiver (JR's AirPac Micro is perfect), and a three or more channel radio. The high-impact foam, easy-to-build Soarstar has a 36" wingspan and weighs just 20 oz.

in stock    $139.95

The radio we chose to order in for this is the Hitec Focus 3SSFM.

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